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Buying Oat Milk Online, Made Even Easier

Oat milk has been growing in popularity in recent years and while sometimes hard to find in grocery stores, is now easier than ever to order Willa's Organic Oat Milk from home, and even purchase on Amazon.

Back in February, oat milk flew off the shelves as consumers stocked up to prepare for weeks in isolation. When the nation began shutting down, consumers rushed to stock up on first aid kits, masks, diapers, and other essentials, but also felt lost without certain non-essentials. If you’re an oat milk lover, you may have struggled to find your fix of your favorite oat milk when coffee shops closed.

So why the craze for oat milk? Maybe it's the rich, nutty taste of a cold glass of oat milk, or the subtle, vanilla notes it adds to your morning cup of coffee. But beyond taste, the success of oat milk can be linked to its impact on appetite and cholesterol regulation, fibrous content and gut health benefits.  It is also the closest substitute for traditional milk when it comes to baking and cooking. 

No matter what your intention is for drinking oat milk, most consumers have felt the impact of the pandemic on oat milk consumption. Though oat milk has been on the rise in the U.S. for many years, most U.S. grocers and retailers do not carry oat milk. And if you do find oat milk at the grocery store, it’s worth examining the label to check for less-than-natural ingredients and heaps of sugar. 

How to Make Oat Milk Drinks at Home

With coffee stores closed– or at the very least an extra risk– there is no better time than the present to learn to make your own oat milk beverages. Whether you prefer iced coffee or warm, you can find a great catalog of recipes here. 

Or maybe oat milk infused cocktails is more your style, in which case we recommend trying Willa's Brandy Alexander with Oat Milk or an Oat Milk White Russian

Willa’s is the place to get the highest quality, vegan, organic oat milk, packed with all the nutritional benefits of whole grain oats. Our oat milk can easily be purchased from the comfort of your home. 

As the pandemic continues to change the landscape of our everyday lives, it is also impacting how consumers purchase and use their oat milk. But even before the importance of online shopping emerged, Willa’s took steps to ensure easy purchasing options. While shipping fees can be expensive elsewhere, shipping is complimentary when you purchase a six pack of Willa’s oat milk. Our shelf-stable product can easily be stored in your pantry. For the most dedicated oat milk lovers, Willa’s offers a Subscribe and Save option, saving you time and money in the long run. As an added bonus, we’ll give you 10% on your order when you sign up for a monthly subscription. 

Oat milk made with whole grain oats, like our products at Willa’s, is free of excessive sugar and can even help regulate the immune system. Beta-glucans are another important nutrient found in the whole grain oats which make oat milk and is responsible for boosting the immune system as well as reducing cholesterol. Read about all the health benefits of oat milk here.

Curious about the environmental impact of Willa’s oat milk? Read more about the environmental health benefits of oat milk and how we create zero food waste here.