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9 Health Benefits of Whole Grain Oats

1. Boosts immunity 

Whole oats contain beta glucans which stimulate your immune system. Double-blind trials have shown that beta glucan intake is linked to increased resistance and quicker recovery from common infections.


2. Keeps you full longer

Oats are packed with soluble fiber which has been shown to promote fullness. As both a complex carbohydrate and a whole grain, they break down more slowly, providing you more energy throughout the day. Foods made with whole oats also contain important nutrients like protein, iron, B vitamins, and more.


3. Helps protect the body from carcinogens

Studies show that beta glucans also have anti-carcinogenic qualities, which help to protect your body from cancer. 

Whole oats help your body fight against carcinogens, particularly the digestive system. The low glycemic index and high fiber of oats create a healthier gut environment and lower the risk of colon cancer.


4. Better gut health

The beta glucans in whole oats also benefit gut health. Research shows that oats  increase the diversity of your guts’ microbiome, which is essential for digestive regularity. That’s why we use whole grain oats, so you get all the benefits.


5. Helps control blood sugar

Foods that contain whole oats have been shown to have significant benefits for regulating blood sugar when compared to just plain "oats" or "oat base", which are more processed, starchier and have more sugar content (grains that have the germ, brand and/or endosperm removed). For those who want to reduce their risk for diabetes as well as those currently managing diabetes, oat milk supplies beta glucans that can help prevent sharp spikes in blood sugar

Willa’s uses each part of the oat - the germ, the bran, and the endosperm, which are important to maintaining the soul of the whole oat as opposed to a highly processed oat that is not whole grain. We keep them intact to ensure the natural sugars in the oats are balanced with oats’ inherent protein and fiber. That’s why each cup of Willa’s Barista Oatmilk has less than 3 grams of sugar vs. 7-10 gs in other oat milks. 


6. Healthier skin

Because dairy milk has been shown to be associated with causing acne, many people are switching to non-dairy alternatives like oat milk.

It’s no secret that oats can help balance your skin! You have probably seen soaps, face masks, or lotions that contain oats. Whole oats are well known to be effective for treating skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. This is because they are rich in antioxidants which have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-itch qualities. 

Skin health is also closely linked with healthy gut microbiota. Oats help improve the diversity in the microbiome as a prebiotic fiber. That means they increase the  good bacteria and can affect the cells that produce keratin, the protein that forms a protective layer for your skin.


7. Rich in soluble fiber

Whole oats are so nutritious in part due to their rich soluble fiber content. Many processed oats remove the oat bran, which is the part of the oat with the most fiber

Willa’s Oatmilk uses organic whole grain oats, packing as much of each oat kernel’s fiber into our milk as possible.


8. Maintains low cholesterol/prevents heart disease

The soluble fiber in whole oats has also been shown to have cholesterol-lowering effects. Studies have also shown that those who eat the most whole grains are at 21% reduced risk for heart disease.


9. Helps prevent diabetes

Foods containing whole oats have also been shown to have a beneficial influence on glucose levels in healthy adults, which is vital for reducing risk of diabetes.

Willa’s makes oat milk using all parts of the oat kernel, both the bran and the germ, delivering a richer flavor and more protein and fiber.

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