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On the Whole,

A Better Oat

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Uses the Whole Oat

We use the entire whole oat to give you all the protein, fiber and minerals. Our unique milling approach allows us to retain all of the grain’s nutrition without sacrificing taste and texture.

Lowest Sugar

Willa didn’t believe in adding sugar to food if she didn’t need to, and neither do we. Our oat milk uses organic real vanilla to enhance the natural sweetness of the oats.

Highest Quality Ingredients

The integrity of our ingredients is core to everything we do. We use organic, non-GMO whole grain oats, and only the highest quality, organic and plant-based ingredients.

Sustainably Produced

Sustainability is one of our highest priorities. Food waste is a leading contributor to climate change so we worked to make sure we use all of each ingredient and have no food wasted in our process. 

Willa's Creamy

Willa’s Creamy Oat Milk is deliciously smooth and infinitely versatile. It’s a creamy addition to coffee or tea and perfect for all of your every day cooking and baking needs.
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Willa's Unsweetened Original

Willa’s Unsweetened Original Oat Milk uses just four simple ingredients and has the least sugar of any oat milk.
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Taste the Whole Oat Difference

Get your hands on the first oat milk to use the entire whole oat and all organic ingredients.