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The chocolate oat milk using real, organic ingredients

Everyone who loves chocolate knows it can be tough to find healthy options, made with less sugar and real, pronounceable, organic ingredients. Chocolate milks are often the least healthy options of all!

Many of the chocolate milks have excess sugar, as much as 20 g per serving (5 teaspoons!), and ingredients that are hard to pronounce, let alone recognize.

At Willa’s, we aimed to create a deliciously rich and chocolatey oat milk using real organic ingredients. We chose real Single Origin, Peruvian Raaka cacao rather than artificial or so-called natural flavorings. To balance the cacao flavor, we added a little bit of maple sugar, which has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar or other highly processed sugar for less sugar spike and crash. Together with the Raaka cacao, they combine to create a delicious brownie-like flavor we can’t get enough of!

Willa’s Dark Chocolate Oat Milk is deliciously chocolatey using organic ingredients you can recognize. 

No cane sugar. No artificial flavorings. No rapeseed oil. No funny business.

When we decided to create a dark chocolate oat milk, we started with our Grandma Willa’s oat milk recipe, which uses real, honest, ingredients like organic vanilla extract and sea salt. We combined her recipe with a touch of maple sugar and Raaka’s single origin cacao, which gives Willa’s Dark Chocolate a nutty, rich, chocolatey quality. It’s SO GOOD!
As a 2023 Good Food Awards Finalist, we can attest that our Dark Chocolate uses all organic and natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Better yet, you can recognize and pronounce every ingredient we use.

Let’s introduce you to the dream team of ingredients that make Willa’s Dark Chocolate so special:

Made with Organic Oats

Just like our Willa’s Unsweetened Original, we use the whole oat to create a rich, smooth taste with no oil. Because we use the whole entire oat, Willa’s Dark Chocolate has 2 grams of prebiotic fiber to boost your gut health and 4 grams of protein in one 8-ounce serving.

Willa’s whole oat approach doesn’t only create a delicious taste at a high nutritional value, but also crafts our recipes with zero food waste. Food waste is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, specifically methane. With Willa’s, we aim to be climate positive in everything we do. Nothing good is wasted!

Organic Maple Sugar

To balance the flavor of Raaka’s single origin Peruvian cacao, we wanted to use a touch of sweetness that wouldn’t be a sugar bomb or give you a spike and crash.
We use a touch of organic maple sugar which pairs beautifully with the cacao, and has a lower glycemic index, and also offers fiber and antioxidants.  Organic Maple Sugar is favored by Cleveland Clinic for its subtly sweet taste and health properties. Organic Maple Sugar has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar and the highly processed oat sugar you find in many oat milk options. 

Raaka Single Origin Cacao Combined with Maple Sugar

Willa’s is proud to work with Raaka Chocolate and source this single origin Peruvian cacao directly from Indigenous Peruvian farmers. All of Raaka’s cacao comes from transparent trading, which means you can access every detail of what farmers are paid. The farmers are paid above fair trade wages. 

This combination of ingredients creates a delicious, brownie-like quality that is sure to become your new favorite chocolate milk. Enjoy it in a chilled glass, in hot cocoa with your favorite toppings, or in your go-to brownie recipe to experience the true magic of Willa’s Dark Chocolate. You can now enjoy this delicious product knowing with zero guilt and all of the indulgence. 

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Willa’s Dark Chocolate:

Hot: We LOVE adding Willa’s Dark Chocolate into our hot cocoa, mochas, and baking recipes. It’s perfect to add to any existing recipe, including brownies and Willa's Brownie Banana Bread.

Cold: In addition to enjoying a cold glass of Willa’s Dark Chocolate, it serves as a delicious addition to any iced coffee, espresso martini, or even our Chocolate Coconut Collagen Ice Cream

Whether you prefer it hot or cold, Willa’s Dark Chocolate is a delicious and must-buy to try on its own or in your favorite recipe. 


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