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Dark Chocolate Coconut Collagen Ice Cream

Prep Time
Cook Time
2 servings

Dairy-free ice cream with no need for an ice cream machine? Sign us up! This Dark Chocolate Coconut Collagen Ice Cream is the most delicious summer treat - plus, it’s packed with simple, organic ingredients and nutrients!

The easiest ice cream you’ll ever make

There are so many different methods for making homemade ice cream, many of which involve an ice cream machine or special equipment. Luckily all you need for this recipe is a blender or food processor! The frozen bananas act as the binding force to make the perfect rich and creamy ice cream consistency. If you prefer your ice cream on the harder side, simply place the mixture in a freezer-safe container after blending and pop it in the freezer for an hour or two until it reaches your desired consistency.

Simple homemade chocolate sauce

We all know most store-bought chocolate sauces are full of high-fructose corn syrup and unpronounceable ingredients. This recipe’s homemade version calls for only two ingredients - chocolate chips and coconut oil! Heated together, these two ingredients make a deliciously rich sauce with the perfect consistency for drizzling. And an added perk - once poured over your ice cream, the sauce hardens into a shell (see video below) for an extra chocolate crunch and a fun presentation!

Willa’s - the perfect substitute for dairy-free recipes

Willa’s Oat Milk is exceptionally thick and creamy because of our unique whole-oat approach, making its consistency and texture quite similar to dairy milk. With a mild oat flavor, Willa’s mixes seamlessly into recipes as a dairy substitute without altering flavor. Plus, the whole oat means you’re getting all of the natural oat’s protein and fiber because we don’t filter out any of the good stuff! 

Golde Coconut Collagen for a delicious flavor

We are huge fans of fellow Brooklyn brand Golde and support their mission to “make wellness easy, accessible and fun for all”. They make incorporating superfoods into your diet so delicious and simple! Golde’s Coconut Collagen Boost is 100% vegan and adds the perfect touch of coconut sweetness to this recipe. Collagen has shown signs of many benefits including boosting hair and skin health, so we love to sneak it into our foods when we can.

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Collagen Ice Cream


- 2 frozen bananas
- 2 tsp organic cocoa powder
- 2 tsp Golde Coconut Collagen
- ½ tsp vanilla extract
- 2 tbsp Willa’s Oat Milk
- (optional for chocolate sauce) 1 tbsp chocolate chips
- (optional for chocolate sauce) 1 tsp coconut for chocolate sauce


1. Throw all ingredients into a blender or food processor
2. Blend until smooth - add more oat milk if needed for consistency
3. (optional) in a separate bowl, microwave chocolate chips and coconut for chocolate sauce
4. Scoop ice cream into a bowl, drizzle with chocolate sauce and your favorite toppings, and enjoy!