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Shakerato Latte

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This Shakerato Latte is not only delicious but it’s a beauty to look at! Amanda from @drink_alt has blessed our taste buds again with a simple and refreshing latte recipe. Shakeratos are a popular Italian drink that’s prepared by shaking together espresso with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. This process is easy to do at home and creates a frothy consistency that delivers a dreamy layer of foam.   

This Shakerato Latte has simple ingredients so you can whip one up without overcomplicating your coffee-making process. Just espresso/coffee, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, ice, and oat milk. If you don’t have oat milk on hand there’s no need to worry or leave the house because Willa’s Oat Milk is available here and Willa’s Unsweetened Original just launched on Amazon! Now it’s easier than ever to have oat milk as a pantry staple.  

Amanda mentions that "this drink tastes particularly good with more "oaty" tasting oat milks, if that makes sense” and we know exactly what she means. Many oat milks use only part of the whole grain oat but at Willa’s we always use the whole grain oat. This practice provides a more nutritious oat that gives you all the protein, fiber, and minerals. Best of all, it creates that full oaty taste to take this shakerato latte to the next level!   

It can be easy to fall into the same old routine for your morning coffee. Especially if you have found yourself spending more time at home with limited equipment and ingredients. The shakerato latte is the perfect way to shake things up! This recipe is easy to customize too. Try replacing the vanilla with maple or almond extract for new flavor profiles. Or add a dash of nutmeg or cardamom for a more spiced option. It may be just what you need for an extra burst of energy this week!   

For the perfect latte, try this recipe with Willa's Barista Oat Milk!

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Shakerato Latte


1-2 shots of espresso or 1/4 cup strong brewed coffee⁠
1 tbsp brown sugar⁠
Splash of vanilla⁠
Dash of cinnamon⁠
Willa’s Barista or Willa’s Unsweetened Original Oat Milk


1. Add espresso, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and ice to a shaker or bottle. Vigorously shake to combine ingredients until cold and frothy.⁠
2. To a glass, add Willa’s oat milk and pour frothy espresso mixture.⁠