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Maple Pecan Oat Milk Ice Cream

Prep Time
Cook Time
8 servings

Every slice of pie needs a good dairy-free ice cream on top. 😋⁠ This homemade Maple Pecan Oat Milk Ice Cream with Willa’s is insanely easy, uses real wholesome ingredients, and full of sweet, nutty fall flavors! It makes the perfect addition to our favorite Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie.⁠ 

Super quick and easy without an ice cream machine!

Aside from its delicious, creamy flavor, the best part about this recipe is that it’s super simple to whip up. All you need is a few ingredients and a blender and you’re on your way to the perfect scoop of dairy-free ice cream.

Use Humble Nut Butter for incredible flavor

You can use any pecan butter for this recipe, but we opted for fellow Minnesotan company Humble Nut Butter’s Turmeric Maple Pecan Butter! Humble Nut Butter creates delicious spreads made with simple, organic ingredients. The Turmeric Maple Pecan Butter really kicks up this recipe’s flavor and gives it a beautifully vibrant golden color from the turmeric! 

Oat milk and pecans… a rich flavor combo you didn’t know you needed!

Oat milk and pecans are two ingredients whose flavor profiles combine so well, creating sweet, nutty, slightly earthy notes. The smooth pecan butter works so well with Willa’s Oat Milk, creating the perfect creamy scoop of ice cream without the dairy. Willa’s is great for dairy-free ice cream because of our unique whole-oat approach, giving our oat milk an exceptionally creamy texture and consistency.

Pecans and oats are also two great-for-you ingredients! Pecans are full of protein, fiber, and unsaturated fats, which are great for your body and heart health. Similarly, our whole-oat approach means our oat milk retains protein and nutrients like beta-glucans, a sugar that cleanses the gut and supports immune health, and soluble, insoluble, and prebiotic fiber. 

Dress it up with candied pecans!

Give this ice cream a crunchy topping by sprinkling candied, chopped pecans. You can of course use store-bought, but candied pecans are surprisingly easy to make at home! We used this recipe from Two Healthy Kitchens. All you need to do is boil brown sugar (or maple sugar or coconut sugar), water, vanilla, and salt for five minutes and stir it into your pecans!

We recommend candied pecans instead of regular pecans because the hard, sugary coating acts as a barrier between the ice cream and pecans to keep your pecans from getting soggy. If you’d like your pecans incorporated into your ice cream rather than just a topping, mix them in about 30 minutes before your ice cream is completely frozen so they do not sink to the bottom.



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Maple Pecan Oat Milk Ice Cream


- 2 c Willa’s Oat Milk⁠
- 3/4 c maple syrup⁠
- 1 c pecan butter (we used Humble Nut Butter’s Turmeric Maple Pecan Butter)⁠
- 1 tsp vanilla⁠
- pinch of salt⁠
- candied pecans (optional for topping)⁠


- In a small saucepan over medium low heat, simmer maple syrup for 8-12 minutes or until ½ cup of maple syrup remains. Remove from heat and let cool. ⁠
- In a blender, combine Willa’s Oat Milk, pecan butter, vanilla, salt, and maple syrup⁠
- pour mixture into a freezer-safe
container and freeze for ~6 hours⁠
- scoop, top with candied pecans, and enjoy!⁠