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Waffle Pudding Parfait

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1 serving

We are thinking outside of the box in Willa’s kitchen with this new recipe from our friends at Wallflour Foods. Just when we thought our Oat Milk Chocolate Pudding Recipe couldn’t get any better they made it into a parfait with waffles and whipped cream. This combo is a must-try!

Wallflour Waffles  

Wallflour does not make just any plain waffles; they make liège-style waffles. Allow us to explain… liège waffles originate from Belgium and are made from raised dough instead of a thin liquid batter. The result is a buttery and pearl sugar pocketed delight. This recipe uses their Sweet Vanilla variety but don’t miss out on their Blueberry and Lemon flavor as well! 

Friends with high standards 

It can be difficult to find high-quality foods in the freezer aisle, but these yummy waffles are quite the exception. Wallflour uses the highest quality ingredients and is committed to creating a lower impact on the environment. We share these values here at Willa’s and love to see other companies helping to lead the way. And did we mention that Wallflour is also Minnesota-based AND female-founded? We could not think of a better waffle to be friends with our oat milk

Layers of excellence 

This parfait may be simple but each layer plays an important role. Wallflour waffles are the base that adds substance and texture to the treat. Oat milk chocolate pudding brings a silky layer of sweet chocolatey richness. Then a few scoops of non-dairy whipped topping adds just the right fluffiness to balance out the weight of the other layers. Enjoy for dessert, breakfast, a snack, or whenever a parfait craving hits! 



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    Waffle Pudding Parfait


    Wallflour Sweet Vanilla liège-style waffles
    Chocolate oat milk pudding (see recipe for details)
    Non-dairy whipped topping of your choice (we used a prepared coconut whipped topping)


    1. Toast a Wallflour Sweet Vanilla liège-style waffle. (Make it two if you'd like a more substantial parfait.)
    2. Cut the waffle into cubes and set aside while you make the chocolate pudding.
    3. Prepare the chocolate oat milk pudding according to the directions.
    4. Build your parfait! Start with a layer of waffles, followed by a few dollops of pudding, followed by a layer of whipped topping.
    5. Repeat as long as you have waffles, then grab a spoon and dive in!
    6. Store the rest of the chocolate pudding in the refrigerator to enjoy later