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Oat Milk Chai Blossom

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Spicy, citrusy and smooth. This is not a boring cocktail. It's bright and multidimensional. While the layered flavors are complex, it’s super simple to make. We found it to be a surefire hit.

Use Willa's Oat Milk to breathe new life into a classic cocktail taste

This new school cocktail was inspired by some old school wintery milk punches. Using oat milk instead of dairy milk gives it a smooth, creamy, nutty quality. On ice, with oat milk, it also feels lighter and fit for any season. It is definitely appropriate year round. It's also much much easier on your stomach than dairy milk, which we all know is especially important when we’re talking about alcohol and cocktails! And there is something about oat milk on ice, served up extra cold that is truly refreshing. 

Real ingredients = a rich flavor profile

The chai, rum, and cognac combine into a dreamy spice blend that is just a bit alcohol forward. The masala chai infuses the warm cognac and dark rum with ginger, cinnamon, green cardamom, black tea, molasses, black pepper, and cloves. The citrus and spices, combined with the smooth, nuttiness of the oat milk, and the coolness of the ice make it perfect for a night in, a bonfire, or a pre-dinner party drink….and of course quarantine. 

We love chai. And we couldn’t recommend Dona Chai more, whether it be for your oat milk chai latte fix, or cocktails like this one. They use top notch ingredients to create a delicious, bold, flavor profile. And we love that they use highly sustainable sourcing and production practices.

As for the cognac and Rum, we tend to choose a mid-range cognac, like Courvoisier VS for about $30 - 35 and a dark Carribean rum like Appleton Estate for less than $30. That said, a clear rum would still work. With this flavor combination, you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to maple syrup, we love to get the good stuff from Vermont. We especially love the beautiful bottles from Runamok Maple or any other quality, pure maple syrup. That said, a simple syrup would work well too.

You can also make a delicious oat milk chai mocktail version without the cognac and rum. Oat milk and chai are already a beautiful pairing. Oat milk brings in a smooth, creaminess, with a hint of toasted nuttiness. Chai delivers the spice and complexity. Oat Milk, chai, orange juice, orange zest, and a sprinkle of nutmeg give the combo a sweet, citrus flare that makes for the most refreshing, subtly spicy afternoon pick me up. 

For the orange juice, a fresh squeezed orange is ideal. If you don’t have one, and you use orange juice instead, you might not need to worry about the maple syrup or simple syrup.

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Oat Milk Chai Blossom


1oz. Cognac
1oz. Dark Rum
1oz. Orange Juice (roughly an orange or less)
1oz. Dona Chai Masala Chai
4oz. Willa’s Oat Milk
1T simple syrup or real maple syrup
Orange Zest
Dona Chai Zero Waste Spice Dust or a sprinkle of nutmeg


1. Combine cognac, rum, orange juice (fresh squeezed from an orange, if possible), Dona Chai Masala Chai, Willa’s Oat Milk, and syrup (we used real maple syrup) in a shaker with ice. Shake 30 seconds or until cold.
2. Pour into a glass. Garnish with orange zest and nutmeg.