How to Steam Oat Milk

Oat Milk Latte art

There is no better feeling than seeing the customer’s smile upon handing off a well-crafted latte. As baristas, the customer is our main focus and creating a creamy, beautiful latte shows our care.

Latte art is fully dependent on how the milk is steamed and some types of milk work better than others. Many baristas avoid plant-based milks due to the fact that they don’t steam as well as dairy milk. Barista-catered oat milk recently entered the scene as an immediate game changer. In addition, oat milk has a mild, savory nuttiness, but also has a level of sweetness comparable to high-quality cow’s milk. However, many barista oat milks are only foamable due to their inclusion of harmful rapeseed or canola oils. On the other hand, Willa's Barista Oat Milk foams with a little organic sunflower oil.

The technique of steaming oat milk is very similar to steaming dairy milk. First, you want to introduce the steam to the milk. This aerates the milk, which creates the microfoam necessary for latte art. For oat milk, you may want to aerate the milk a bit longer as it takes some more time for the foam to build. 

Next, you want to submerge the steam wand a couple inches below the surface of the milk to create a swirling whirlpool. This increases the temperature and reduces the little bubbles on the surface of the milk.

Once the milk has reached the proper temperature, remove the pitcher from the wand and tap out any remaining bubbles. 

Before pouring the milk give it a little swirl with swift wrist movements to even out its consistency. Finally, you are able to pour your creamy concoction and go for that eye-catching latte art. If you’re new to the barista game, check out this article with tips on how to improve your latte art skills!

Oat milk is the latest craze for a reason, it’s rich, creamy, and the taste is like a blank canvas in coffee. As a bonus, it isn’t just dairy-free, but also gluten-free, nut-free, and produced more sustainably.

With a little practice, you’ll be steaming oat milk like an expert!