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Whole & Wholesome

We love oat milk as much as you.

But when we took a closer look at other oat milks-- their artificial ingredients, wasteful processes and dishonest marketing-- we knew there had to be a better way. A more whole & wholesome way.

We created Willa's with a simple mission: to create oat milk that tastes as good as it is for people and the planet.

Our Beliefs

A 'Whole Oat' Difference

Using the whole oat makes Willa's deliciously smooth, lower in sugar, higher in protein and fiber, and zero food waste.

Certified Organic

No canola or rapeseed oil. No overly sweet taste .... Just whole oats and all organic ingredients. That's it.


Willa's is net positive! Food waste is a leading cause of climate change, and in Willa's nothing good is wasted.

Our inspiration. Our chef. Our grandma.

When we set out to create the world's best oat milk, we didn't have to look far. We remembered the delicious oat milk our grandma Willa used to make for us and found her original recipe.

We named our company after her for a reason.

"Because at the center of every product decision we make lies a simple question -- does it live up to our Grandmother Willa's name?"

Christina Dorr

Chief Executive Officer, co-founder, granddaughter

Elena Dorr Zienda

Chief Product Officer, co-founder, granddaughter

Rusty Drake

Head of Sales, co-founder

Willa's oat milk is the new plant based milk. It's got under 1g of sugar from oats and prioritizes the transparency which I love so much, wheras other brands do not. Willa's is what I used this morning in my morning matcha and the morning before that. It's my favorite with it's consistency and flavor.
Doctor Christian Gonzalez

I don’t generally endorse products but fellow Minnesotans at Willa’s have produced arguably the healthiest oat milk on the market. More importantly they are providing a healthy alternative to dairy. 
Dan Buettner

I love that Willa's products are made the way I like making things in my kitchen. The attention to detail in not only using great ingredients, but also being environemntally friendly and sustainable are some my favorite things.
Laura, Willa's Operations Engineer

The thing I love most about Willa's is the naturally full flavor. It's the creamiest option out there, but with none of the guilt.
Tommy, Product Director