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I tasted Willa oat milk a few months ago at a tasting and loved the smooth, creamy taste and clean finish. It drinks like dairy milk but slightly sweeter, almost nuttier. I can’t wait to order a latte with Willa at my local coffee shop but for now will need to froth my own at home!

Molly Young

Not a fan of milk but also don’t like all of the chemicals and additives found in milk alternatives. Willas is the perfect blend of healthy and tasty!

Graham B

I had the opportunity to try Willa’s and it’s absolutely delicious. So creamy and smooth. I can’t wait to be able to buy it soon and hopefully find it in local coffee shops.

Teresa C

I love my Willa's tumbler! I never leave home without it. It looks great and is a really high-quality product. Very durable. Easy to clean. And keeps beverages - hot or cold - for hours. I spend a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities, and I can count on my Willa's tumbler to keep my tea hot and me warm during the cold winter months.