Oat Milk Classic Matcha Latte

Classic Matcha Latte Recipe


Sometimes you just need something simple done right. One of the most comforting ways to enjoy oat milk is with matcha, a traditional stone-ground Japanese green tea, which also happens to be an anti-cancer (!!!). The natural sweetness of the oats beautifully complements matcha’s earthy, grassy notes. Willa’s uses the entire oat making for a richer, more satisfying oat flavor, and lending the drink a depth of flavor that other oat milks lack. Do you want to put anything about matcha is different than coffee because the feelings from caffeine are more subtle and longer lasting?

You don’t need to use a high, ceremonial grade matcha for your matcha latte, but avoid using low-quality “ingredient” grade matchas, which are intended for more culinary purposes like baking. Look for matcha that is vibrant green, has a slightly sweet smell and taste (should not be bitter). It should be ground to a fine, silky consistency without any rough, clumpy particles. We love Tenzo Organic Matcha. Rishi’s Teahouse Matcha is also a great everyday matcha and our matcha of choice for lattes.

Like oat milk, matcha has a subtle profile, making it a flexible ingredient that pairs well with a wide spectrum of other flavors. This recipe is delicious on its own, but makes an excellent base to experiment with other flavor pairings. Try it sweetened with a store-bought or homemade lavender, bergamot, or vanilla infused simple syrup, and then garnish with an expressed peel of bergamot, and you have a “Kyoto Morning,” Mary’s take on a London Fog.


2 g Matcha powder

2.5 oz water heated to 160°F

10 oz Willa’s Barista Oat Milk

To prepare matcha:

Sift matcha through a fine-mesh sieve into a small bowl. Pour water into a bowl and whisk vigorously but gently (without pressing whisk into the bowl) using a matcha whisk. Whisk until matcha develops a rich layer of foam - like the on a shot of espresso - about 15 seconds.

To prepare latte:

Pour a shot of matcha into your cup. Steam oat milk, pour directly into matcha and enjoy!