Creamy Oat Milk (6-Pack)
Creamy Oat Milk - Willa's
Creamy Oat Milk - Willa's
Creamy Oat Milk - Willa's
Creamy Oat Milk - Willa's
Creamy Oat Milk (6-Pack)

Creamy Oat Milk (6-Pack)

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Willa’s Creamy Oat Milk is deliciously smooth and super creamy. It's an all around champ for everything from drinks to cooking and baking dairy-free recipes. 

  • Made with Organic Whole Grain Oats
  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Certified by
  • Dairy-free, Rapeseed/Canola Oil-Free, Glyphosate-free, Carrageenan-free, Phosphate-free
  • Less than 3g of sugar per 8 oz. cup
  • 2 g of fiber per 8 oz. cup
  • 4 g of protein per 8 oz. cup
  • Fortified with Calcium (Calcium Carbonate)
  • Shelf-stable: doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened
  • No food waste in our production process because we use the whole grain oat

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Monique Mehring
I finally fount the perfect solution

I've been looking for a milk replacement that I can actually use to replace milk for all of my recipes. When I need to make something with buttermilk, I simply add an organic buttermilk powder. It's been amazing ... my buttermilk biscuits taste better than ever before!!!

Unquestionably Superior

By far, the best oat milk on the market.

Whether you call the other "pedestrian" or this "luxurious", or choose both, there is a Grand Canyon-wide difference in taste, consistency, and true ability to substitute for the cow's milk.

Easily worth the effort to have shipped to Seattle.

Thank you Willa!


Edward Sarti

Best oat milk out there by a long shot!

Kristina M McGinnis
Best Oatmilk Product

After using a particular Extra-Creamy brand of Oatmilk for 2years, I tried Willa’s & liked how it tasted, how Organic it truly was, & that it a woman-owned company made in USA. My daughter tried it & switched from her go-to brand to Willa’s & we are both happy that we did.

Creamy Oat Milk

Nice in my coffee and in smoothies - my regular uses. I also tried it in a vegan fettuccini Alfredo recipe and it worked nicely!