Honest Goodness

Our Grandma Willa used real, honest ingredients to make the creamiest, most delicious oatmilk—in other words, the perfect coffee pairing.

As coffee lovers, we struggled to find an oatmilk for our daily cup that measured up to Grandma Willa’s recipe. So we thought, why not bring hers to the world instead? We dug up her hand-written recipe card from our mother’s kitchen drawer and got to work.

The result? This oatmilk. It’s as dialed-in as your single origin espresso and tastes amazing with it too. Our barista oatmilk is the first one with no added phosphates. It’s organic and sustainably produced, using non-GMO organic whole oats.

We care just as much about our oatmilk as Grandma Willa did, and this one tastes like a dream and foams like a champ. The best part is you can feel good about serving it, and drinking it, every single day.

Christina & Elena
Willa’s Granddaughters